Hello, curious reader.

If you’re on this page then you are either: my mum, one of my few devoted friends, or a travel enthusiast searching for inspiring stories from the road. In all cases: welcome, thank you, and I’m sorry.

My name’s Roisín. I’m a UK based writer and wannabe world traveller with aviophobia and a poor sense of direction. I learnt a lot about travelling on a tight budget during my four years of university. (I wanted to explore but also be able afford the finer things in life, like rent and food.)

Some of my adventures so far include: spending a summer travelling across America via Megabus (inc. almost falling into the Grand Canyon and running away from giant spiders in Miami), visiting Portugal to find almost everything closed for their national bank holiday, accidentally paying to stay in a construction site in Palma de Mallorca, and getting rushed at and evacuated by mounted police outside Buckingham Palace, London.

This blog is a place where I can share my travel mishaps, successes, tips and life lessons – and hopefully where I can pick up some tricks and advice from you on how to be a better traveller.

Enjoy, and bye for now!